Shadowline Graphics was born in 1997. The name Shadowline was originally Shadowlight, but was changed to be more of a hint between light and dark and not so obvious. Jason considers himself to be a “behind-the-camera” sort of person, standing just outside the spotlight. This refers to a sense of humility that characterizes his work…hence the name Shadowline.

Raised in Colorado and having been to Alaska, Washington, New Mexico, Florida, New York and California…Jason has had a wide range of experiences to draw from.

Please enjoy the site and if you want to get ahold of me (now that I have chosen to write outside of the 3rd person), go ahead and click on the handy dandy and very locatable “Contact” link above!

Also, I usually give out a “Welcome to Shadowline” PDF when working with newer clients. It has some basic tips, info and my pricing as well. You can download that here.

Merle D.
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"Not only an excellent graphic artist; his writing can bring you to tears it's so beautiful. I can always count on him to help me out the minute I need him."
Kat K.
Prompt & Professional
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"Very professional, excellent work done in a timely manner."
Jana G.
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"This company shows the most creative, professional designs! Best prices I have ever enjoyed for the exceptional work too! Highly highly recommend!."
John H.
Very Supportive
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"Jason is always prompt to call right away if I need assistance with my Mac. I can't give him enough credit."